“Proud Parents” by Carl D’Agostino


How Will The Miami Dolphins Do In 2016?

Once again I would like to thank Carl D’Agostino for agreeing to be a guest blogger here on RupturedACL. In the most recent assessment, Anthony Rome(The SPREAD.COM, 7/21/16) predicts 6 or 7 w…

Source: How Will The Miami Dolphins Do In 2016?

“Life’s Travails” By Carl D’Agostino

life's travails

“Our technological world” by Carl D’Agostino

dick of clock

“A Cool Summer time drink” by Carl D’Agostino


“The Manicurist” by Carl D’Agostino

The manicurist

“Moses, the burning bush and the law” by Carl D’Agostino



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