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Caesar had his legions. Napoleon his continent. Pharaoh his worshipers. But with the press of a few buttons, the entire galaxy was within the cup of my hands. From the time I flew my first hand made kite as a five year old child to my first lunar assignment as a mere quartermaster to my discovery of Plexus 9, my universe has been THE universe. I have been a star ship captain.

I had to call in all my chits to extend my enlistment for this last five years and the only reason I passed the eye chart test was because I memorized it. The triple by-pass can no longer be delayed, the spring is gone from my step, and my reaction time has diminished by half. I even invoked that Billy Graham moment when asked about his retirement. He responded by relating that there was nothing in scripture about retiring from spreading the Word. It did not impress Star Fleet Command. How could they demand that my entire reason for existing ……? I suppose you can commensurate with my grief.

A professorship at the Academy has been offered. It has been suggested that my memoirs or my scientific endeavors would be most valuable training literature. Consultant offers abound. Can you imagine me advising a spare parts manufacturer on P235? I find each of these alternatives vacuous and distasteful.

Then it came upon me that I must live up to my own standards in the belief that a star ship crew deserves to have a captain at his or her optimum mental and physical potential. Any less would cheat that crew. Ultimately, the crew is the vessel. And I now must submit to being graceful about the matter. Selfishness is a trait I vehemently condemn and I must relinquish the reins of my star ship and be true to my own expectations of integrity from others. I will relish in the glorious memory that for a time I was blessed with the most extravagant blessing: I was a starship captain and my universe has been THE universe !

My Journey is a Map of My Face by Carl D’Agostino

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