“Issue Driven Politics” by Carl D’Agostino

candidate debates

“Worm gets the slammer” By Carl D’Agostino


Baptism of our Myah, Faith Presbyterian Church, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

blog bapt

REMEMBER 9/11: Today we are all new yorkers

Carl D'Agostino: Staten Island, NY, 1949

Carl D’Agostino: Staten Island, NY, 1949

My son and daughter

Carlos Arturo D'Agostino and Cristina Josephina D'Agostino

Carlos Arturo D’Agostino and Cristina Josephina D’Agostino

“Autumn Leaves” by Carl D’Agostino


“It’s a square world” by Carl D’Agostino

square blocks


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