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“Artistic Rivalry” by Carl D’Agostino


“The Aura of a winner” by Carl D’Agostino


“A Matter of share optimization” by Carl D’Agostino

pirate treasure

“Our Symbol Standing Guard”

“Our Symbol Standing Guard”.

“MEMORIAL DAY: End of WW II 50th Year. Stamps issued by US Post Office September 2, 1995, Honolulu, Hawaii” From my personal collection, Carl D’Agostino

ww2-1ww 2-1captionScanned Document ww2-2ww2-2captionww2-3ww2-3captionww2-4ww2-4captionww2-5ww2-5caption

“The First Memorial Day: Lincoln arriving to deliver the Gettysburg Address” by Carl D’Agostino

"We Have Come to Dedicate" artist Larry Selman (1942-2013)

“We Have Come to Dedicate” artist Larry Selman (1942-2013)

“A Matter of Direction” by Carl D’Agostino


“The Expansive View” by Carl D’Agostino

big picture

“Spooky” Art by Carl D’Agostino

ghost art

“Just Another uneventful day in the jungle” by Carl D’Agostino


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