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Happy Easter


“Easter Morning Politics” by Carl D’Agostino

easter morninghats

“Assembly line Easter Eggs” by Carl D’Agostino

chicks Award Wonderful Team Member Readership Award. Thank you


“I know I made you smile” Mar 26, 2013. 100,000 Views. My WordPress family, thank you so much. Stay tuned. More to come. Carl D’Agostino.

“The Ball in the sky” by Carl D’Agostino

sun moon colorchase moon poem

“Henry’s Inner Child Surfaces” by Carl D’Agostino


Palm Sunday Post: “Crucifix Pendant Design” by Carl D’Agostino

Original Idea. Chalk on concrete sidewalk competition. 6ft X 6ft

Original Idea. Chalk on concrete sidewalk competition. 6 ft X 6 ft

1in X 1in or custom size

1 in X 1.5 in or custom size

pendant description

“The big Easter sale at Montels Department Store” by Carl D’Agostino


“Modern Geometric Sculpture” by Carl D’Agostino


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