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Happy New Year and thanks for supporting the blog by Carl D’Agostino

Remember our vets

I am no huge contributor( but I have always sent something over last 4 decades) and this is not a special award. It is standard with the mailings they send for former contributors but I post it today in support of this effort. Please join us.

New Year buffet by Carl D’Agostino

2012: May we all Have a Winning year by Carl D’Agostino

“Rest well Santa, You deserve it” by Carl D’Agostino

Christmas Card by Crislynd Davis: Born December 25, 2002

Grandpa’s Christmas Blessings

Behind the Scene: Mission Control by Carl D’Agostino

Christmas at the White House by Carl D’Agostino

That Yearly Holiday Anxiety By Carl D’Agostino

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