“Those fellows sure were a bunch of cutups.” Julius Caesar

“Lights out.” Thomas Edison

“Sign out time.” John Hancock

“We should have opened a travel agency.” The Wright brothers

“Fire that security guard.” Abe Lincoln

“I’m headed for home.” Babe Ruth

“Is it still raining?” Noah

“We didn’t need lawyers when I was young.” Moses

“It’s too dark in here.” Edgar Allen Poe

“Anyone seen my watch and wallet?” Sherlock Holmes

“Three strikes and you’re out.” Jimmy Hoffa

“My feet are killing me.” Marco Polo

“Whaddya mean you don’t believe me?” Richard Nixon

“See ya tomorrow.” Fred the Optimist

“It hurts when I laugh.” Bozo the Clown

“Why did I do it? I hate cherry pie, that’s why.” George Washington

“I wanna divorce.” Henry VIII

“I feel seasick.” Columbus

“Things will get better.” Herbert Hoover

“No man’s an island.” Robinson Crusoe

“Eviction sucks.” Adam and Eve.

“See ya in heaven.” Ray Charles

“Hope they have carrots there.” Bugs Bunny

“About that library fine…” Dewey

“Why all the drama?” Shakespeare

“I feel chilly.” Admiral Byrd

“I feel like needles and pins.” Betsy Ross

“Must be morning.” Dracula

“Stop the train.” Billy the Kid

“Whaddya mean, I can’t take it with me? ” JP Morgan

“Cursed mosquitoes.” Walter Reed

“Just when silver hit $25.” The Lone Ranger

“I really liked string beans more.” Popeye

“I didn’t do it.” OJ Simpson

“I shouldda looked before I leaped.” Jeff the Frog

“Something smells rotten” Hamlet

“I need to wash my hands.” Lady MacBeth

“Well, at least I never grew up.” Peter Pan

“You don’t “pre” plan a funeral. That’s a redundancy.” My English teacher, Mrs. Comma

“I mean, how else was I supposed to do it?” Frank Sinatra

“This is my last sentence.” Ernest Hemingway

“Donald still lives.” Mickey Mouse

“Actually, Scarlett, I do give a damn!” Clark Gable

“Something doesn’t quite add up.” Einstein

“I still wanna know who took the strawberries.” Humphrey Bogart

“Death is part of the big picture”  Michelangelo

“Did anyone bring the marshmallows?” Joan of Arc  Submitted by Expressmom 2/16/11 Thanks !

“Does this taste funny to you?’ Socrates  Submitted by Fix It Or Deal 2/17/11 . Thanks!