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Presidents Day: ” Right on the Money” by Carl D’Agostino


“Martin Luther King (1929-1968): Stamps From Around The World” By Carl D’Agostino

“merry Christmas from the White House over the years” by Carl D’Agostino

WASHINGTON, DC – NOVEMBER 30: President Donald Trump and the first lady Melania Trump attend the 95th annual National Christmas Tree Lighting held by the National Park Service at the White House Ellipse in Washington, D.C., November 30, 2017. The Beach Boys, Wynonna, The Texas Tenors, Craig Campbell were among the artists who provided the entertainment. (Photo by Astrid Riecken/Getty Images)

“A little boy’s Christmas dream come true 1950” by Carl D’Agostino (will be off line Dec 18 – 29. Posts scheduled automatically. Will reply to comments when I return. Merry Christmas blog buddies).

“Real Christmas Music” by Carl D’Agostino

George Washington leads a tattered army at Trenton, New Jersey: Christmas (Dec. 26) 1776.

“Nancy and Ronnie: An American Love Story” by Carl D’Agostino

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