The author bounces back and forth from the beginning of the 14th Century to a present day investigation of ancient secrets hidden and the murderous intrigue that evolves in the effort. If you like adventure/thriller novels, historical novels or Templar stuff you will be entertained and not disappointed. Author presents a list of characters from the ancient and contemporary time period which helps the reader keep track of things and the fact that 33 actual personalities from early 14th Century (plus fictional ones) are given demonstrates the author’s tedious research. His knowledge of geography, weapons, archaeological protocols, modern technology and world wide police/government agencies and criminal enterprise operations further authenticate the drift of the story. The dialogue, characters and settings have a clear and sharp focus which helps the reader visualize the interaction. As a history teacher I had some disdain for historical fiction but authors like Jack Whyte for instance are able to transport you back in time in a very believable environment and this author has that kind of ability. For a first novel,  I am very impressed with Matt Gianni’s writing and look forward to his next release. Matt has demonstrated he may be a rising star in the historical fiction genre and I encourage his future efforts.  I was given a free copy to review and in no way did that influence my positive reflections herewith. Carl D’Agostino