1. Stop running. You’ll get there faster.

2. You’d sleep better if you weren’t awake all night

3. If I’m at church with you and your mother, how can I leave the game to come  back  to get you?

4. How many times have I told you not to tell me how many times I told you?

5. I can’t give you an allowance until you learn how to save money.

6. Don’t say that word again and don’t tell your mother where you heard it.

7. You just had a birthday party three years ago

8. You have no room for the rest of

your supper? Then go upstairs because

your room has room for you.

9. Never tell a lie. Even if it’s not true.

10. Don’t tell your mother we did this.

It’s not a lie. It’s a secret.

11. Get there very early. This way even if

you’re late, you’ll still be early.

12. I told you not to get on the roof. I

knew Santa Claus and you’re no Santa


13. You’re so lucky. My father spanked

me every day, except when he was

gone for 12 years.

14. If you brushed your teeth better, you

would not have only one cavity.

15. What do you mean, you don’t know

where you lost the key?

16. If you studied more, you would not

have had only five A’s.

17. Practice is for people that can’t do

it perfectly. If you don’t like practice,

do it perfectly the first time.

18. Never get into a fight unless someone

hits you.

19. Shut up and tell me what happened.

20. Are you going to cut yourself again next

Sunday while the game is on and your

mother is not home?

21. We had to grow our own meatballs.

22. I always listened to my father. Even

when he was gone for 12 years.

23. You’ll never get over that cold if you

don’t stop coughing and sneezing all


24. Stop crying or I’ll have to spank you


25.I f you are supposed to do something,

you don’t have to know why.

26. It will hurt only if you think it will.

27. You didn’t lose because you are on a

bad team. You lost because they are

on a good team.

28. Christmas list? It takes all the money

I have for the grocery list.

29. Don’t worry. It will all make sense to

you when you’re a father!

30. Yeah, Dad. Now that I am

62  years old it does all make

sense except……