It is astonishing to me how this Jack and his bean stalk fellow became such an icon in the Mother Goose collection of nursery rhymes and stories. He is obviously an incorrigible criminal of the most despicable order. He is an unabashed thief and murderer encouraged by his abetting mother. Let us take a brief review of the facts. He climbs that now infamous stalk that has grown during the night and has reached to the clouds and beyond. He arrives at a grand castle inhabited by a giant and his wife. On his first escapade, Jack steals two valuable gold coins and returns home to a jubilant mother. They are now quite well off but are they satisfied? Heavens no ! He returns to the scene of the crime and steals a hen that lays gold eggs. After a narrow escape he returns for a third time to steal the giant’s singing harp. Jack flees and reaches the base of the stalk. As the enraged giant chases him Jack chops the stalk which sends the giant tumbling to his death. Murder. The author glorifies Jack’s crimes as bravely executed adventures which are completely justified and are to be emulated by youth. Isn’t the giant the victim here? No wonder our children have such a sense of entitlement and are possessed of the notion that crime pays. And parents wonder why their children are so corrupt and relegate status in the very worst our society has to offer. The answer is right in front of you.